RELIC - Morrisonite Jasper Cabochon Pendant (Blues)

$ 149.00


 This RELIC pendant is made by hand with solid eco-friendly sterling silver and Morrisonite Jasper cabochon hand cut and polished in a modern arc shape.  Morrisonite comes from eastern Oregon and is a very collectible jasper.  It is known as the "King of Jaspers" and is one of the most vibrantly colored jaspers available.  "Available" is probably not the correct term, as this jasper is no longer mined and has become highly collectible and very expensive over the years.  The cabochon cut and polished for this piece is in classic Morrisonite blues and browns.  

This pendant was created with several different textures and moving parts.  Solid sterling silver finished with a soft charcoal patina.

 Measurements: Pendant measures 1-7/8" across by 2" tall.  Chain is 28" long.


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