Morrisonite Jasper Triangle Drop Necklace

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 The Morrisonite Jasper Triangle Drop Necklace is made by hand with eco-friendly sterling silver and a Morrisonite Jasper cabochon hand cut and polished in my studio.  Morrisonite comes from eastern Oregon and is a very collectible jasper.  It is known as the "King of Jaspers" and is one of the most vibrantly colored jaspers found in the U.S.   This cabochon has a mix of gorgeous browns and various shades of blues.

This pendant was created with textured sterling silver and hangs from a long 21" sterling silver rolo chain.  The piece is finished with a soft matte charcoal patina.

 Measurements: Pendant measures 2-1/2" tall by 5/8" across.  Chain is 21" long.


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