Amethyst Sage Scenic Ring Sterling Silver and 14k Yellow Gold - Size 7 Limited Edition

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This ring was made by hand with eco-friendly sterling silver, 14k yellow gold and a scenic Amethyst Sage cabochon.  Amethyst Sage is from Nevada and known for it's landscape scenes that in colors of blues, purples, whites, grays and blacks. 

This cabochon was cut and polished in a long vertical shape to capture what appears to be a snowy landscape with a little touch of yellow/orange at the horizon, appearing to be the setting sun.  The sterling silver is textured and 14k yellow gold accents were added to the design.

The ring was finished with a soft matte charcoal patina.

Measurements:  Design size is 1.2" tall and .54" across

Ring Band - 4mm wide half round band - Size 7

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