Care Instructions

How To Keep Your Jewelry Looking Beautiful

Precious metals, gemstones and minerals can easily be dulled or scratched by chemicals. This is especially true for pearls, turquoise and opals, as these are softer stones.

To keep your jewelry in pristine condition it is always advised to take your jewelry off before any of the following:

Cleaning Activities – Contact with chemicals in cleaning products can and will damage your jewelry and accelerate tarnishing.

Swimming pools and hot tubs – The chlorine and chemicals in swimming pools and hot tubs can damage your stones, as well as accelerate tarnishing.

Showering – Shampoos and body soaps can create a buildup over time and can damage and dull your metals and stones.

Sport Activities and Working Out – All jewelry should be removed when participating in sports and workout activities.

Cleaning Sterling Silver

All of my jewelry will arrive gift-boxed and also will include a small poly-bag and tarnish prevention strip.  Storing your jewelry in this bag with the tarnish prevention strip will keep your jewelry in pristine condition. 

Sterling Silver can require cleaning from time to time.  My pieces are created with an oxidized sterling silver.  This means that the metal has been given a patina prior to the final polishing steps.  Sterling silver with a patina finish can be cleaned using a mild dishwashing soap, warm water and a soft toothbrush.  Dawn dishwashing soap is preferred. Do not submerge your jewelry in the mix of dishwashing soap and water.  Instead, take the soft toothbrush and lightly rub over the metal and stone to clean off any dirt or buildup.  Dry your jewelry with a soft microfiber cloth and let the piece completely dry before storing it back in the poly-bag.

Gold does not tarnish, but can lose its polish and become dull over time.  Using a jeweler’s polishing cloth will remove tarnish and dullness.  Heavy buildup can be removed using the same cleaning method with Dawn dishwashing soap as described above for Sterling Silver.

Commercial silver cleaning products can be too harsh for gemstones and minerals. I do not suggest using any commercial jewelry cleaners.

Storing Your Jewelry

You can store your jewelry in the poly-bag with the tarnish prevention strip that is included with every purchase.

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