About Olive Bungalow

My name is Michele and I am the owner and creator of Olive Bungalow.  All of my designs and metalwork are created using eco-friendly metals and high-quality natural stones.  As a lapidary artist and metalsmith, my true passion is for cutting and polishing my own cabochons to create limited edition and one-of-a-kind jewelry designs for you.  

All jewelry is created by hand in my studio located in Arizona.  My designs start with rough rock and raw metals.  My only supply sources are "Mother Nature" and eco-friendly (recycled/reclaimed sterling silver and gold) metals.  I do not outsource any of my work.  All designs are created with traditional metalsmithing techniques and lapidary work.  

You could say that I literally work "from the ground up" with all of my designs by taking rough stone in it's original state and transforming it into a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry.  I find myself truly fascinated by the beauty that is all around us, but that we often do not see.  Through my work and designs, I want to share with you the beauty in non-traditional stones that is so often overlooked.

I have a personal relationship with many of my stone suppliers and much of the rock that I use comes to me directly from the miner's hands.  Most of these men and women are small business owners themselves.  Some of the rock I use in my designs has been purchased from individual collectors who dug up the stone many years ago - in areas where the "claim" is now closed and no longer available.

Through these processes, I want to create something for you that is unique and that you cannot find somewhere else.  That special piece... something that speaks to you.

Born and raised in Minneapolis, MN, I now create my pieces in my Arizona studio, where I have been creating jewelry on a full-time basis since 2001. 

If you would like to follow the process and learn more about some of the stone that is used in my designs, please visit my blog page here.


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