Thinking about a new collection

I'm not usually comfortable with a statement like this but...I really love the new earrings that I created - the fan earrings in sterling silver and 14k yellow gold.  I want to base a new collection around this design.  I told myself I would take a break from collections for a couple months, but something is calling me and telling me to move on this now and that it could be a great collection.  In the back of my mind, I knew I had some stone that would be a great match for where I want to take this collection and searched through my stone inventory - a large industrial size shelf with bins and containers full of stone that I spent a good week organizing this past May.

And I found it... Chinese Writing Stone.  The white "sticks" in the jet black stone will work perfectly with the "sticks" accented with 14k yellow gold that I will carry through this collection.  This stone is unpolished, but takes a dark black polish.  This isn't a stone that I would normally run to when making a one of a kind, but I think it's a perfect compliment to where this collection will go.

More to come.. I have several new gallery/store orders that have already come in this week, but will be working to have this new collection done in August to share with you.  I hope you check back!

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