New Designs and Direction for Fall 2016

("Wander" necklace will be included in the shop update later this week)

After a long hiatus, I'm getting back into my one of a kind work.  While I enjoy creating the "collection" pieces, I feel creatively stifled and - to be honest - a bit miserable.  I have missed cutting stone for "special" pieces and have been enjoying the time spent again on this work over the last several weeks.

I have a new direction for my pieces, including getting back into my more "scenic" cabochon work and my more "down to earth" designs.  Maybe calling it a "new direction" isn't very accurate.  This is my work, the work I was doing for quite a long time, but the work I have set aside for too long and focused instead on work that really wasn't making me happy.   

**My favorite pieces to make are the pieces where the stone is the story.**

I missed letting the stones tell the story and showing me the way the piece should be designed.  I usually don't know the direction a piece is going until after I've cut the stone or found the perfect cabochon in the slab of rock.

(Purple Chalcedony rings will be listed in the shop update later this week)

While this work is more time-consuming and I'm coming off of 6 months of cutting mostly Blue Lace Agate and Sodalite, please bear with me as my weekly listings might be small for a while as I get back into the swing of things.

I plan to have a listing once a week and will announce it through my newsletter and my Facebook and Instagram pages.  

This week's listing will most likely be on Thursday evening or Friday afternoon.  I'll have an update on my social media pages by Thursday morning.  

To make room for my new work, I am currently offering my previous designs and pieces at 35% off.  These are all ready to ship pieces and they can be found here.

Have a great week everyone!!


Thank you, Beth. :-)

That petrified wood is absolutely stunning! You’ve showcased it perfectly.

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