New "Design of the Week" - very limited small collections

I have listed a new "Design of the Week" in my store tonight.  This is a small collection available for a very limited time - through January 18th.  

I'm excited about this new "venture," as I am able to use stone that I may not have enough of to complete a large collection available for long term, but enough to be able to offer a small selection of pieces to you for a one week time period.

Once I list the new pieces, they will be available for one week or until I have run out of stone for those pieces.

The first design is up and the pieces are created with a vibrant Lemon Chrysoprase.  This stone comes from Western Australia and I purchased a small amount of this last year direct from the miner himself.  I can't help but think of lime sherbert when I look at this stone.  I've hand cut and polished the stones and they are set in textured sterling silver with accents of 14k yellow gold.  

All of the "Design of the Week" pieces are created as orders are placed, so please do allow 3-5 business days for your piece to be created.

If you would like an update on new designs, you can always follow my Instagram or Facebook page, as well as signing up for my newsletter.


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