Cutting some Blue Lace Agate rough

I finished the inventory on all the new rough rock that I purchased and organized the studio so that I can easily find the stone I want to work with.  This also involved organizing all the rough rock I already had that was just put away in random Rubbermaid containers over the years.  But everything has it's place now and I know exactly where everything is... so I'm happy with this progress and I'm ready to get going and work with this gorgeous rock.

I will be cutting rock late into the evening tonight and wanted to share some photos of the Blue Lace Agate that I'm currently working on.  Blue Lace Agate is from South Africa and it is a banded agate/chalcedony in soft blues and whites.  I'm really happy with the color in the pieces that I have here.  It's a gorgeous color that I think will make nice spring/summer pieces. 

Although the typical way to cut this stone is along the bands, I have to admit that I'm attracted to the more plume-like side shown in the first picture - the piece of stone in the center.  The stone looks like soft clouds against a blue sky.  I'm going to work with a couple slabs cut in this direction for a few pieces that I'll make.

Blue Lace Agate is thought to be a "calming" stone that brings the wearer peace and tranquility.  It is also associated with the elements of water and air. 

More to come this week... I will send out an email once I have a new batch of work available.  I hope everyone has a nice week.  It will be in the low 80's here this week!! 


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