Ocean Wave stone and ring - a very scenic stone

(British Columbia Ocean Wave Stone)


Several years ago, I ran across a picture stone from British Columbia that had the appearance of the ocean and rocky, sandy beaches.  I had just a small piece and created a ring with that rock.  Since then, I've always been on the search for more of this stone.  It's difficult to find in this quality that has strong scenic sections in the rock.  This past summer, I was able to locate a few slabs and stored it away for future use.

Last week, a customer contacted me and asked if I had any stone that I could use to create her a ring with a "beach scene."  I was more than happy to help her with this, as I've been waiting to use this stone.  I created her a large oval statement ring and the result is the ring above.  I love this stone and its just amazing to me how realistic this looks.

I do have more of this stone and if you are interested in having a statement ring created, just send me a quick note.

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