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Purple Salvia Chalcedony - New Design of the Week

The "Design of the Week" through January 28th is handcrafted with textured sterling silver and Purple Salvia Chalcedony.  I call this sterling silver texture "rough stone" as it is created by actually hammering the silver into some of my rough rock that I have here in the studio.  I love this texture, as the patina that stays in the recessed areas adds such a nice contrast to the shine of the smoother areas.

Purple Salvia Chalcedony comes from Mexico and this is a higher-grade version of this stone showing different shades of lavenders.  The mix of the silver patina and the soft lavender worked out to such a nice combination.  Just a touch of color - a soft neutral mix of colors.  

**All stones are hand cut and polished in my studio.


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New "Design of the Week" - very limited small collections

I have listed a new "Design of the Week" in my store tonight.  This is a small collection available for a very limited time - through January 18th.  

I'm excited about this new "venture," as I am able to use stone that I may not have enough of to complete a large collection available for long term, but enough to be able to offer a small selection of pieces to you for a one week time period.

Once I list the new pieces, they will be available for one week or until I have run out of stone for those pieces.

The first design is up and the pieces are created with a vibrant Lemon Chrysoprase.  This stone comes from Western Australia and I purchased a small amount of this last year direct from the miner himself.  I can't help but think of lime sherbert when I look at this stone.  I've hand cut and polished the stones and they are set in textured sterling silver with accents of 14k yellow gold.  

All of the "Design of the Week" pieces are created as orders are placed, so please do allow 3-5 business days for your piece to be created.

If you would like an update on new designs, you can always follow my Instagram or Facebook page, as well as signing up for my newsletter.


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Ebony Forest - New Collection

This week I finished my newest collection named Ebony Forest.  This collection features Writing Stone, sterling silver and 14k yellow gold.  A leaf theme is carried throughout the collection and each piece features multiple textures in the sterling silver designs.

The Writing Stone comes from the Sierra Nevada area in California and is a soft charcoal gray to black color.  The stone really compliments the soft charcoal patina of the sterling silver.

I like this collection a lot and think that the color of the stone will go with so many different outfits - and dressed up or worn casually.

I will continue to create one-of-a-kind pieces for my shop throughout the rest of the year, as well as working on a couple other collections that I've been designing.  I hope to have those completed by January.




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Sonoran Dendritic

I've been cutting rock for the past two days - working on new designs for the next shop update this coming week. I haven't cut any cabs yet. I'm a bit overwhelmed about all the stone I have here from this last year's Tucson show that I haven't cut yet... and to think the next show is a short four months away. This is Sonoran Dendritic and I would call this color a dusty rose. I've only made one cut on this large rock. It's about 8" x 4" x 3".. so there are a lot of slabs I'll be able to get from this. I was quite pleased with the first cut and the patterns and fern-like designs. The outer edges of this rock are just a solid brown color - so I had no idea what was going to be inside this stone. I think that's what I like so much about stone cutting - the beautiful surprises that can be found in the stone. Don't get me wrong - I've cut into many disappointing duds.

I've also been cutting several other stones and will share some more photos in the coming days prior to the update.

I hope you are all having a great weekend!

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New Designs and Direction for Fall 2016

("Wander" necklace will be included in the shop update later this week)

After a long hiatus, I'm getting back into my one of a kind work.  While I enjoy creating the "collection" pieces, I feel creatively stifled and - to be honest - a bit miserable.  I have missed cutting stone for "special" pieces and have been enjoying the time spent again on this work over the last several weeks.

I have a new direction for my pieces, including getting back into my more "scenic" cabochon work and my more "down to earth" designs.  Maybe calling it a "new direction" isn't very accurate.  This is my work, the work I was doing for quite a long time, but the work I have set aside for too long and focused instead on work that really wasn't making me happy.   

**My favorite pieces to make are the pieces where the stone is the story.**

I missed letting the stones tell the story and showing me the way the piece should be designed.  I usually don't know the direction a piece is going until after I've cut the stone or found the perfect cabochon in the slab of rock.

(Purple Chalcedony rings will be listed in the shop update later this week)

While this work is more time-consuming and I'm coming off of 6 months of cutting mostly Blue Lace Agate and Sodalite, please bear with me as my weekly listings might be small for a while as I get back into the swing of things.

I plan to have a listing once a week and will announce it through my newsletter and my Facebook and Instagram pages.  

This week's listing will most likely be on Thursday evening or Friday afternoon.  I'll have an update on my social media pages by Thursday morning.  

To make room for my new work, I am currently offering my previous designs and pieces at 35% off.  These are all ready to ship pieces and they can be found here.

Have a great week everyone!!

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Thinking about a new collection

I'm not usually comfortable with a statement like this but...I really love the new earrings that I created - the fan earrings in sterling silver and 14k yellow gold.  I want to base a new collection around this design.  I told myself I would take a break from collections for a couple months, but something is calling me and telling me to move on this now and that it could be a great collection.  In the back of my mind, I knew I had some stone that would be a great match for where I want to take this collection and searched through my stone inventory - a large industrial size shelf with bins and containers full of stone that I spent a good week organizing this past May.

And I found it... Chinese Writing Stone.  The white "sticks" in the jet black stone will work perfectly with the "sticks" accented with 14k yellow gold that I will carry through this collection.  This stone is unpolished, but takes a dark black polish.  This isn't a stone that I would normally run to when making a one of a kind, but I think it's a perfect compliment to where this collection will go.

More to come.. I have several new gallery/store orders that have already come in this week, but will be working to have this new collection done in August to share with you.  I hope you check back!

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Nara - A New Limited Edition Collection

My newest collection, Nara, is complete and available in my shop.  This collection is created with Blue Lace Agate in a soft sky blue and multi-textured sterling silver.  The soft stone is a perfect compliment to the heavily textured sterling silver.  The pieces are all finished with a soft charcoal patina.  There are currently 14 items in this collection with a mix of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. 

Nara is a city in Japan known for its peaceful gardens, pagodas and temples.  Blue Lace Agate was a perfect choice for this collection, as it is said to be a stone of tranquility and calmness.

Click here to view the Nara Collection.



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Indigo Sun - A new collection featuring Sodalite and Rainbow Moonstone

Indigo Sun is a collection that I have been working on for the past several weeks and has just been added to the store.  This collection is created with hand cut and polished Sodalite and Rainbow Moonstone.  I've been so happy with the quality of Sodalite that I purchased this past January that I wanted to create a collection focusing on this stone for you.  The stone is such a rich, deep blue and is such a nice quality stone.

The Sodalite cabochons are all cut in edgy shield shapes with Rainbow Moonstone added to many of the pieces.  The sterling silver in this collection is finished with a soft brushed polish.

I wanted to create a collection for you that will allow you to mix and match pieces, whether they be smaller, more dainty pieces or large and bold statement items.  The necklaces in the Indigo Sun collection can also be layered and there are options to choose different chain lengths for each of the five necklaces.

I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Shop the INDIGO SUN collection here

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Cutting some Blue Lace Agate rough

I finished the inventory on all the new rough rock that I purchased and organized the studio so that I can easily find the stone I want to work with.  This also involved organizing all the rough rock I already had that was just put away in random Rubbermaid containers over the years.  But everything has it's place now and I know exactly where everything is... so I'm happy with this progress and I'm ready to get going and work with this gorgeous rock.

I will be cutting rock late into the evening tonight and wanted to share some photos of the Blue Lace Agate that I'm currently working on.  Blue Lace Agate is from South Africa and it is a banded agate/chalcedony in soft blues and whites.  I'm really happy with the color in the pieces that I have here.  It's a gorgeous color that I think will make nice spring/summer pieces. 

Although the typical way to cut this stone is along the bands, I have to admit that I'm attracted to the more plume-like side shown in the first picture - the piece of stone in the center.  The stone looks like soft clouds against a blue sky.  I'm going to work with a couple slabs cut in this direction for a few pieces that I'll make.

Blue Lace Agate is thought to be a "calming" stone that brings the wearer peace and tranquility.  It is also associated with the elements of water and air. 

More to come this week... I will send out an email once I have a new batch of work available.  I hope everyone has a nice week.  It will be in the low 80's here this week!! 


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Ocean Wave stone and ring - a very scenic stone

(British Columbia Ocean Wave Stone)


Several years ago, I ran across a picture stone from British Columbia that had the appearance of the ocean and rocky, sandy beaches.  I had just a small piece and created a ring with that rock.  Since then, I've always been on the search for more of this stone.  It's difficult to find in this quality that has strong scenic sections in the rock.  This past summer, I was able to locate a few slabs and stored it away for future use.

Last week, a customer contacted me and asked if I had any stone that I could use to create her a ring with a "beach scene."  I was more than happy to help her with this, as I've been waiting to use this stone.  I created her a large oval statement ring and the result is the ring above.  I love this stone and its just amazing to me how realistic this looks.

I do have more of this stone and if you are interested in having a statement ring created, just send me a quick note.

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Rhodochrosite... Turquoise and White Plume Agate... fresh from the bench

I finished the plume agate and turquoise necklace yesterday and was able to get it photographed this evening.  This is a fun piece with a lot of movement to the components.  The turquoise is from Turquoise Mountain in Arizona and some of the most beautiful that I've worked with.  The robin egg blue and the mix of matrix is just gorgeous.  The photos are true to color - it's a very vibrant blue.  I think the vibrant turquoise works great with the soft white plume agate from Oregon.

This is a design that I will definitely be working from for future pieces.  I really do like the double cabochon look.  Lots of work, but the results are worth it. 

A second piece that I was able to finish and photograph is a Rhodochrosite boho style necklace.  I cut and polished several cabochons from the Rhodochrosite that I have and will have more to come from that lapidary studio time.  Again, this is a multi-component necklace with movement.  The Rhodochrosite is a deep, saturated pink and comes from Argentina.  Rarer to find it with the dark pink and the brown mix of plumes, as is seen in this piece.

I plan to work on a reference page for my site that will provide more detailed information on all the stones that I am working with.  It's on my "to do" list and I'll try to get to it by the end of the weekend.

I am working on nothing other than new pieces for the remainder of the week, so I do hope you check back.  I plan to ramp up the work for the holidays.  I've spent the last couple of days making some major changes to allow me more time to focus on only new work.

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